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Scanning and reverse engineering

A different technique that arises as a complement to the modeling software for data acquisition is the use of specific software with the Photo or 3D scanner, a tool able to display and detect shapes in space of any object or environment and recreate with absolute reliability of the digital model, viewable and especially converts into a prototype.

And it’s possible to use digital files in different fields: you can check the quality of products by detecting the correct geometry, recreating existing building patterns, monuments and architectural details, machine parts even highly complex, people or things, detecting color and texture natural.

This activity is named in the design field of reverse engineering that is, the ability to carry or bring in the digital domain and therefore accessible by PC or devices that use the network, of any object or existing physical environment in reality, overturning. This results, for example with the use of these techniques as part of Cultural Heritage, where a work of art acquisition process is not only to have the dual benefit of producing a perfect historical memory, but to make it usable and viewable in Virtual Reality, besides the obvious possibility of being able to replicate for educational purposes, or in the reproduction of complex mechanical parts or even sets which would require a considerable expenditure of time and costs for the detection with the necessary accuracy.