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3D Printing

3D printing is a new additive technique with objects that progressively layer by layer are realized. The object to be printed is designed with a CAD software or three-dimensional modeling and exported in standard file formats for 3D printing, including formats: stl, vrml, .ply, .3ds and .zpr. The exported file is a mesh, a series of triangles oriented in space, which includes a 3D volume to enable the realization of a solid model, the project at this point to be ready to exist in the real world and not just on a computer.

After being virtually divided into horizontal layers is converted into a data file understandable for a 3D printer, which shall implement the individual layers or layer using plastic material, powders, resins or polymers, with different technologies. Each layer is automatically merged with the underlying as it is completed. The 3D printing allows to produce objects with shapes that would be impossible to obtain by means of the classic process of molding or machining and for this reason always finds wider applications in the most diverse fields.

Today, 3D printing has been shown to make short and long-term value, optimizing all stages from design to production and accelerating time to market, so as part of the whole creative process. The technologies involved are varied, from FDM (Fused Depositing Material) to the Stereolithography with SLS processes, from CJP (Color Jet Printing) up to the sintering of metal or polymer powders with laser etc..